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Blue Dive privately guided Intro diving from Port Douglas – on Poseidon to the stunning Agincourt Ribbon Reefs

Top of the range scuba trips on the outer Great Barrier Reef for non-qualified divers

Intro diving Port Douglas: These super intro diving trips are by far the best way to be introduced to the Great Barrier Reef – with your own personal, expert Blue Dive private guide to help you get the best day possible.  We commit to look after just your nominated party – a luxurious way to dive.

3 great privately guided dives at three separate sites included in your package

For private groups we may also be able to offer you a luxury private charter – please enquire for details.

“Blue Dive – The best way to be introduced to the reef”

Trip Advisor

No previous diving experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure and the ability to swim. You will be sped out to the outer Great Barrier Reef for your experience of a lifetime.


We take you out Poseidon, locally known as the best dive boat, to the best reefs in our area – the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. There are other divers on the boat but your booking group will be looked after by your own Blue Dive guide.


Snorkelers welcome.


Qualified divers are welcome to join non – qualified friends or family members.


Intro diving Port Douglas


What does this experience involve?

A little basic diving theory and a full safety briefing followed by your 3 dives at the spectacular Agincourt Ribbon Reefs – Maximum depth 12 metres.

What will you be able to do upon completion?

This short experience programme will, upon completion, prepare you for learning to dive. It counts towards your Open Water Certification. You get access to the first Elearning module of the PADI Open Water course for FREE.

Or you can simply see it see it just as a great holiday experience.


Requirements Health, diving and flying

Minimum age 12.


All divers need to be “fit to dive” and this means signing a form indicating this when here.


To avoid the disappointment of not being able to dive when here, you must be able to answer “no” to the following questions.
If any diver answers “yes” to any of the questions 1-6 you MUST bring “clearance to dive” stating the condition(s) and signed by your doctor and from within the year.


Please note that asthma, fainting episodes, heart and lung problems and some other medical conditions will prevent you from diving.  If unsure it is crucial that you let us know on booking and we can advise.


PADI form for those on medications or with medical issues can be downloaded here.


Also please assure to pass on these medical questions to all the people in your booking – as your friends or family may not have disclosed their medical situation to you.


1. Are you currently suffering from any illness or injury that may be incompatible with diving?
2. Have you ever had any medical condition that may effect your heart, ears or lungs (e.g. heart disease,  sinus/ear operations or asthma)?
3. Have you ever had any medical condition that may result in loss of consciousness (eg. epilepsy or diabetes)?
4. Are you currently taking any medication (exclude oral contraceptive)?
5. Do you have high blood pressure?
6. Have you had any injury or operation within the last 6 weeks?
7. Are you pregnant?  If you are pregnant – for safety – you should not dive.


If unsure about medical fitness it is very important to let us know in advance.


Please note that AFTER diving, PADI safety regulations require an 18 hour surface interval before flying. So you can fly after 8.30am the day after your diving day.



$490 per diver ($470 for 12-14 year olds), group discounts apply.


Snorkelers can join at a rate of $236 per day (child price age 4-14 $166).


Including full day trip to the outer reef and 3 great dives (or Blue Dive privately escorted snorkelling tours) with your expert Blue Dive instructor looking after your private party all day.


Minimum 2 divers on the privately guided trips. Price for 1 on request.


Price includes full equipment hire, private Blue Dive guide on Poseidon, local transfers, private reef chat and high speed catamaran day trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef including snorkelling with full lunch buffet, tea/coffee, cakes and fruit.


Please contact us to enquire or check about availability.



If cost is an issue…wider group diving

If cost is an issue then we can book you to dive directly with Poseidon in larger groups instructed by a Poseidon crew member.


These trips also have access to the best of the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.


The cost would be $306 per person including day trip and 1 dive. Young divers 12-14 years of age $236.  A second dive can be pre-booked for an extra $65.


“Best and most pristine examples of coral on the Great Barrier Reef” (Port Douglas reefs) – Source: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority recent report.