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Best Port Douglas Scuba Diving Trips

Top-rated Exciting Privately Guided Day Trips And Luxury Private Charters – Outer Great Barrier Reef

At Blue Dive we specialise in running exciting privately guided scuba diving and snorkelling day trips and luxury private charters from Port Douglas to the unrivalled Agincourt Ribbon Reefs and also to the stunning Opal Reef Complex.


And a complimentary photo shoot and memory stick are now included in your package diving with Blue Dive – all members of our team are accomplished underwater photographers and will give you some great memories to take home!

Bleaching Report

We had a recent Blue Dive staff meeting (29 July 2017) to assess the impact of the recent Great Barrier Reef bleaching episode on our reefs – and the conclusion was that there has been approximately 15% bleaching of overall coral cover on our marvellous reefs, which is 15% too much. But the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs are – thankfully – still wonderful to dive.


And here is the authoritative Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Report, indicating 16% coral damage in our Cairns to Cooktown region.


But there is no doubt that the issue of climate change needs to be addressed much more seriously than it is at present.


Please see the latest photos of the Agincourt Reefs by liking our Blue Dive Facebook page.


And please read up-to-date diver reviews of Blue Dive on the link below.


Blue Dive – Rated top dive company of ‘Things to do’ on Trip Advisor.

Blue Dive Luxury Private Charters

If you want to experience the ultimate way to see the outer Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas then there is no better way than to splash out on a Blue Dive luxury private charter.


If you prefer less costly day trips on some great dive boats – privately guided and hosted by your very own Blue Dive expert dive instructor – then please read on…

Privately Guided Day Boat Diving on Poseidon

Blue Dive offers very special and exclusive privately guided diving trips on Poseidon, AquaQuest and Calypso to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs and the Opal Reef Complex. No other Port Douglas company offers privately guided dives.


You will have your own private and expert Blue Dive host for the day who will help make your day both safe and special.


Your package includes not 2 dives but 3 dives on the best reefs.


And we now include a complimentary underwater photo shoot of your day so you can take you memories home!


Yes it costs a little more than diving  directly with the boats’ crews in wider groups but you’ll be diving in your own private team, with your own expert Blue Dive instructor, on your own underwater route without being bothered by other divers. It’s a luxurious way to dive on some superb reefs.


Blue Dive Privately Guided Trips reviewed on Trip Advisor

And reviewed by Global Adventurers


Scuba Diving PADI Port Douglas


The beauty of these dive trips is that we can dive to your level of experience

10 great reasons to choose exclusive Blue Dive privately guided trips:

  1. If you want the luxury of diving the GBR in your own private group with an expert instructor to guide you and show the best marine life. Only Blue Dive offers genuinely privately guided experience as part of your package in Port Douglas.
  2. If you are Nitrox qualified, it is available at a small extra cost on AquaQuest. 
  3. If you want exclusive access to the best of the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs – Poseidon dive boat has exclusive access to sites like Barracuda Bommie, The Nursery and Turtle Bay.
  4. No expensive private guiding supplements at Blue Dive, your expert Blue Dive private guide is included in the price below.
  5. If you want a 3 dive day to make the most of your trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Some companies offer only 2 dives.
  6. complimentary underwater photo shoot and memory stick are now included as part of your package – all members of our team are accomplished underwater photographers and will give you some great memories to take home!
  7. If you are experienced divers who want some great diving without being held back by other divers.
  8. If you are newly qualified or slightly nervous divers who want some special care and attention, complimentary refresher sessions can be included at no extra cost.
  9. If you are underwater photographers who want to take it slowly without being bothered by other divers (camera rental with tuition available too).
  10. If some of you are qualified and others not – we can still privately guide you safely together – Maximum 12 metres in this case. 

Please Contact us for an immediate quote


Snorkelers/ passengers can also join Poseidon at a rate of $236 per day/ $166 age 4-14 child price.

Where you’ll be diving – a “must visit destination”

The crystal clear water of the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs teem with incredible fish life.


The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority – in their 2013/14 Reef Report – said that the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs were the “best and most pristine examples of coral reefs in the whole GBR”.


It’s 70 kms north-east of Port Douglas and on the very outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef and offers the best scuba diving from Port Douglas.

If you have 2 days we would recommend a day on Poseidon and then a day on AquaQuest.


Scuba Diving Port Douglas

There are drift dives and wall dives with isolated pinnacles surrounded by pelagic fish and pristine coral gardens.


The marine life is profuse and you can see colourful wrasses, groupers, parrotfish, boxer shrimps, clownfish, angelfish, turtles, clams, anemones and three species of reef shark.


And we get plenty of other less occasional visitors including Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and 4 species of whale.


Complimentary Refresher Sessions

If you haven’t dived for a while or are a little nervous we can include  refresher sessions on the boat at no extra cost.


Migrating whales

In season (June through to September), Humpback and Dwarf Minke Whales are often seen migrating through our reefs.


Poseidon has a rare licence to swim with Minke Whales – it can be an incredible life changing experience.

Privately Guided Trips On AquaQuest

For your second days diving we can take you aboard AquaQuest, the newest boat in town. Nitrox is available at a small extra cost for those qualified in its use.


The boat has access to great reefs on both the Agincourt and Opal Reef Complexes.


The boat offers two dive sites and three dives and, for those with a bit of experience we can offer exciting drift dives in the right conditions.


Please Contact us for an immediate quote


Port Douglas Scuba Diving


Privately Guided Trips On Calypso

For another days diving we can take you aboard Calypso, a comfortable catamaran that has access to sites on the Opal Reef Complex and the Agincourt Reefs.


The experienced Calypso skipper decides on the day which reefs to visit. Calypso has exclusive access to sites on both reefs and by combining 1 day of privately guided diving on Poseidon and a second day on Calypso you will be guaranteed new sites and new experiences each day.


Price on request

Price for these trips on request – please Contact us and we will send you an immediate quote.


Of course the price comes in a little higher than diving directly with one of the boats (see below) as we commit to take only your private nominated group on the dives.


The Blue Dive team have unparalleled knowledge of the reefs off Port Douglas – and they are happy to share that knowledge with you.


Snorkelers/ passengers can also join Calypso at a rate of $240 per day  (child price age 4-14 $175).


And unqualified friends and family can complete exciting introductory dive experiences alongside you – at your request.


Inclusions: These trips included Blue Dive private guide, Port Douglas transfers if needed, full equipment hire, dive computers, 3 dives and catamaran trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef on Calypso with full lunch buffet with prawns. Reef chats and reef tours for snorkelers.


Please click here to enquire or check about availability.



If price is an issue…dive directly with Poseidon, AquaQuest or Calypso

We can book you to dive in larger groups  – maximum 8 divers but usually smaller – with either Poseidon, AquaQuest or Calypso and their crews. These are also great trips.


The inclusions are the same as above – but it is only on the Blue Dive privately guided trips that include refresher sessions (that Blue Dive provides free as part of the package).


Poseidon group diving to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs

$320 per diver with three dives + full equipment hire including computers and  dive guide.

$250 for divers 12 – 14 years age


Snorkelers can join at a rate of $236 per day (child price age 4-14 $166).


AquaQuest group diving to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs or Opal Reefs

$320 per diver with three dives + full equipment hire including computers and optional AquaQuest dive guide at no extra cost.


$260 for divers 12-14 years age


Nitrox available – for those qualified in its use – at $10 per tank.


Snorkelers can join at a rate of $230 per day (child price age 4-14 $170).



Calypso group diving to the Opal Reef Complex

$350 per diver with three dives + full equipment hire including computers and Calypso dive guide.


$285 for divers 12- 14 years age


Snorkelers can join at a rate of $240 per day. (child price age 4-14 $175).


Please click here to enquire or check availability.


 Great barrier Reef Scuba Diing Port Douglas



Scuba Tune-Up

Not dived for a while? Are you feeling a little nervous to go straight out to the reef? Let us get you back up to speed with this fun retraining session in our tropical pool in Port Douglas.


What does the session involve?

After a review of basic diving theory you will complete a fun skill circuit in the pool. We will get your confidence back up so you can really enjoy your reef trip. There will be plenty of time for questions. The course takes half a day, morning or afternoon, at your choice.


What will you be qualified to do upon completion?

On completion you will be ready and confident to go out to the reef or to enrol on your further education course.



Entry level certificate from PADI / SSI / BSAC / NAUI or other entry level diving certificate. 12 years of age and able to swim and medically fit.

$175 per person, minimum 2 divers, price for 1 on request.


Price includes full equipment hire and local transfers.


Please Contact us to enquire or check about availability.



Lake Eacham – Rainforest volcano diving option

We also offer fascinating and unusual day trips up to Lake Eacham; an extinct volcano and freshwater lake at 720m altitude up in the tropical rainforest in the Atherton Tablelands.


This trip is great for non-divers too – bring your camera.

The lake contains Red-Clawed Yabbies (small lobsters) and freshwater turtles but its the whole experience that makes the day.


Strange rock formations and fallen trees make it an unusual scuba dive…surfacing surrounded by a lush rainforest is some experience.


Day trips include a dive and lovely lakeside picnic and you get to see parts of Queensland far away from the tourist trail.


Trips include visits to amazing Curtain Fig Tree and a very good chance to photograph wild kangaroos.


Optional trip to Granite Gorge to see wild Rock Wallabies by the hundreds and swim in the gorge.


$365 per diver, minimum 2 divers or 1 diver and 2 non-divers,  non-divers can join at a rate of $175 ($150 4-14 year olds)..


Lake Eacham Volcanic Lake - Blue Dive


Please click here to enquire or check about availability.


Important information for certified divers

Certified divers must have proof of diving certification and be in good medical health. Asthma and some other medical conditions will prevent you from diving without “clearance to dive” from a physician.

The only extra cost is a $6.50 environmental management charge per day on the boat.


Cancellation policy – Day trips

Our cancellation policy is designed to be fair to both parties.


As all Blue Dive services are arranged to order and boats and instructors are booked in advance, we have a strict but fair policy.


Cancellations must be made at least 5 days before the diving service begins. Please note that with late cancellations your credit card may be charged for the balance due.


If the 5 day condition is met refunds of deposits will be made less administrative costs and credit card fees of $50 .


If students need extra time to complete a course extra charges will be made or referral papers can be issued.


Of course we will do our best to reschedule courses or dives and offer alternatives if possible.


PADI Open Water course cancelations – We have a unique policy that if, for any reason, anyone wishes to cancel at the end of day one of the course we offer an immediate refund of $300.


Weather: If in the extremely unlikely event of bad weather preventing travel, of course, we will give full refunds or reschedule if possible.


Cancellation/Travel Insurance – Strongly recommended for peace of mind.

Please note:


Taking cancellation/travel insurance is highly recommended.


The Australian company Travel Insurance Cover can cover you, linked below.


Please take responsibility for checking your policy for details.


Australian residents policy

International visitors policy

Or call Travel Insurance Cover  0061 (0) 2 9460 3812.



“Best and most pristine examples of coral on the Great Barrier Reef” (Port Douglas reefs) – Source: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority recent report.