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Privately Guided Introductory Diving From Port Douglas – OPEN!

Dive From Silversonic On The Stunning Agincourt Ribbon Reefs

STOP PRESS – Privately guided Blue Dive services now available from Cairns on the wonderful AquaQuest!

The best Port Douglas privately guided introductory diving. Scuba diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef for those that have never dived before but want to experience breathing underwater for the first time!

These introductory diving trips are the best way to be introduced to the Great Barrier Reef – with your own personal, expert Blue Dive private guide to help you have the best day possible. Your experienced private dive instructor will take just you and your friends or family through the entire dive process – from boarding the boat and selecting gear to skill demonstrations and being with you whilst you take your first breath underwater!


A day out with Blue Dive aboard Silversonic includes 3 great privately guided introductory dives at three separate sites. All equipment, lunch, snacks, tea and coffee is also included.


Introductory scuba diving Port Douglas

No previous diving experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure and the ability to swim. You will be sped out to the outer Great Barrier Reef for your experience of a lifetime.


When you book a privately guided introductory dive with Blue Dive, we take you out on modern dive boats and visit the best reefs in our area. There are other divers on the boat but your private group will be looked after by your own very experienced Blue Dive instructor. They’ll provide private briefings and skill demonstrations and will take your private group on all dives.


Snorkelers are welcome to come along and there will be plenty of opportunities for the divers and snorkellers to spend time together during the day.


Also, certified divers are welcome to join non–certified friends or family members. That’s right – we can take a mixed group of divers together, the only restriction is that these dives have a maximum depth of 12 metres and maximum group size of 4.


Intro Diving Port Douglas


Intro Diving Port Douglas…What Does The Introductory Diving Experience involve?

There is no need to spend anytime in the classroom or pool before taking a dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Using the PADI Discovery Scuba Diving program we can take you out and introduce you to the magic of the underwater world.


After boarding the boat, your Blue Dive instructor will take you through basic diving theory, a full safety briefing and several skill demonstrations. Once this is complete it’s time to gear up and enjoy 3 dives at the spectacular Agincourt Ribbon Reefs – Maximum depth 12 metres. Your instructor will stay very close underwater and is there to assist you at all times.

What Will You Be Able To Do Upon Completion?

This short experience programme will, upon completion, prepare you for learning to dive. The next step is to take your PADI Open Water course and gain your official dive certification.


Or you can simply just enjoy it as a great holiday experience.


Private Introductory Diving Inclusions


Price includes full equipment hire, Blue Dive instructor, local transfers, private reef chat and high-speed catamaran day trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef with full lunch buffet, tea/coffee, cakes and fruit.


Please contact us for an immediate quote, to book or with further questions, as we are happy to help.


If Cost Is An Issue…Wider Group Diving

If cost is an issue then we can book you to dive directly with Silversonic or Calypso with other divers in your group. On these trips, you will be instructed by a crew member from the boat, not a Blue Dive instructor, and be diving in larger groups. The group introductory diving trips are a great way to experience diving on a budget.


The cost would be $349 per person including day trip and 1 dive. Young divers 12-14 years of age $272.  A second dive can be pre-booked for an extra $72.


To book group diving with Silversonic or Calypso please contact us for availability and pricing


Requirements Health, Diving And Flying

Minimum age 12.


All divers need to be “fit to dive” and this means signing a form indicating this when here.


Everyone intending on completing introductory diving with Blue Dive is required to complete the PADI Discover Scuba Diving medical questionnaire.


If any diver answers ‘YES’ to a question on the medical questionnaire then they will be required to have clearance to dive from a qualified doctor.


Please note that asthma, fainting episodes, heart and lung problems and some other medical conditions will prevent you from diving.  If unsure it is crucial that you let us know when booking and we can advise.


All divers with a medical condition are required to contact us prior to booking to dive. There are very strict requirements around diving with medical conditions and we need to discuss to discuss this directly with you.


If you require medical clearance to dive please download the PADI Medical Statement. After contacting us and discussing your condition this form will need to be filled out by a doctor.


If unsure about medical fitness it is very important to let us know in advance.


Please note that AFTER diving, current safety regulations require a 24 hour surface interval before flying. So you can fly any time after 2.30pm the following day.


Please see our medical page for further information.



“Best and most pristine examples of coral on the Great Barrier Reef” (Port Douglas reefs) – Source: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority recent report.